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2D Drawing to 3D
Model Conversion

3D Model Creation

3d model image.jpg


Using a 3D model is ideal for mapping assessments as it enables the FGP engineers to visualize site conditions better and evaluate important factors such as blockages, pockets, obstructions, etc. when running the study. Mapping assessment can be carried out using 2D layouts but additional input information such as site photos, detector installation photos, detector view photos, etcs are required to assist with visualisation.

3D Model Software

HazMap 3D accepts a large range of imports from existing 3D model software. The list of compatible 3D model softwares for direct export are:

  • Navisworks

  • AutoCAD 3D

  • Autodesk MotionBuilder FilmBox

  • 3D Studio

  • Wavefront Object

  • Stereo‐lithography

  • Aveva PDMS

  • SmartPlant 3D

2D to 3D Model Creation

For customers who require 2D to 3D model creation, ZGS offers this service as well. The model will be built according to the required specifications to be imported into HazMap 3D. This will be useful to the customer for future use during revalidation or expansion. 

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