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Ultrasonic Noise Mapping Survey
Ultrasonic Mapping Tool Rental



Ultrasonic gas leak mapping is a service offered to measure and record the background ultrasound of process plant under normal operation.


The information gathered along with gas pressure, gas temperature, and gas type is used to assess the likely detection radius of the acoustic detector for client specified gas leak rates

How It Works

A field survey device enables a preliminary ultrasonic measurement for optimal installation and configuration of a UGLD. The background levels can be mapped in order to determine the measurement radius and alarm set points for each UGLD location.

What We Do

Optimum operation of Acoustic Leak Detector requires correct parameter setpoints that can only be determined via an ultrasonic noise survey. This is applicable to a brownfield facility whereby the portable mapping tool captures background ultrasonic noise levels from surrounding equipment. Zealtech provides rental of the portable mapping tool, detailed procedure and remote support for this activity.

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