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Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas sector is no stranger to stringent safety regulations and requirements. Offshore and onshore both possess different types of constraints and risk profiles.

An offshore oil and gas facility will be compact and the blockage ratios are crucial factors to be considered. The use of a proper mapping assessment, using advanced 3D mapping software is able to capture all potential blockages and obstructions.

Onshore facilities are spread, due to the availability of real estate, which requires proper mapping assessments to ensure the optimum number of detectors and correct detection technologies are deployed. Explosive gases and vapours, leakage of explosive gases or solvent spillage can generate an explosive fuel/air hazard. Quick and accurate detection of explosive gases and vapours is essential to ensure prompt corrective action, evacuation and explosion prevention.

A fast response from both the gas detector and the central safety system is essential to protect people, processes and plants. Prescriptive method of determining quantities of flame and gas detectors can introduce errors and leave gaps in detection coverage. The utilisation of advanced 3D mapping software to conduct flame and gas mapping assessment, provides clear visibility of potential blockages and obstructions. This design can be used further to ensure all detectors are working as optimum as possible to meet the design criteria.

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