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Refrigerated Goods



Ammonia is a refrigerant agent used within the industry. This agent is effective, saves resources and is generally safe. Unpredicted gas leaks, however, cannot be completely prevented. A modern gas detection system reduces the risk of production downtime, protects employee health and can save seconds that make a difference in case of an alarm.

Ammonia is a flammable gas and can form flammable or potentially

explosive compounds in dry air when in a gaseous state. Ammonia is a respiratory poison that has a strong irritating and corrosive effect. Most installations or plant rooms emphasise the importance of personal protective detectors, but this serves a very different purpose compared to a fixed gas detection system.


Important considerations such as breathing zones, installation elevations, multi level working platforms, ingress and egress routes are taken into consideration when mapping assessments are executed for the refrigeration industry.

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