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Desktop & Brownfield Acoustic Mapping Assessment

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Ultrasonic gas detectors act as early warning area monitors for detecting high-pressure gas leaks in outdoor process environments. It responds earlier than conventional gas detectors because it registers the sound of leaking gas.

As gas escapes, leaks are immediately detected in the surrounding area, regardless of which way the wind is blowing. Loud process areas generate noise which is mostly in the audible spectrum. Gas leaks from pressurized

vessels above 2 bar generate both audible sound and inaudible ultrasound.

How It Works

Ultrasonic sound pressure level mapping can help with the correct allocation of ultrasonic gas detector setup. Utilising the mapping tool supplied by Zealtech, background continuous ultrasonic noise levels like compressors, choke valves, blowers, etc. can be captured.

This data will then be used when the mapping assessment is carried out to determine the total number of ultrasonic detectors required to achieve the desired coverage

What We Do

For Greenfield projects, sound pressure levels for various equipment can be extracted from our extensive database to conduct the desktop mapping assessment and a revalidation can be done at a later stage using the ultrasonic mapping tool once the facility is operational.

All ultrasonic detector setpoints are unique based on installation location and skipping this crucial step may create unnecessary nuisance alarms and potential downtime.

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