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Fire & Gas Philosophy Review, Development & Verification

Fire & Gas Design Gap Analysis & Consultancy Services



Fire & Gas System (FGS) Philosophy

A Fire & Gas System (FGS) philosophy provides a solid foundation for the design of an effective gas detection system, which in turn helps protect plant and personnel from gas releases and resulting flammable and/or toxic effects.
Using decades of experience in this space, our fire and gas practitioners can help guide customers develop a Fire and Gas philosophy or review existing ones and bring them up to the current standards (BS 60080:2020 / ISA TR84.00.07).
 It also is very crucial when there are SME requirements and Safety system configuration required to be performed. We assist customers to close these gaps by supporting them with our experiences / expertise development or reviewing site specific F&G philosophy.

Verification of Site Fire and Gas Philosophies vs BS 60080:2020 / ISA TR 84.00.07

Existing end-user Fire and Gas philosophy is verified against international standards for gaps through an improvement exercise. An extensive report capturing all the crucial points are shared with the end user during the process.

Several sharing sessions are arranged and gaps are closed based on client inputs that ultimately leads to a robust and well defined Fire and Gas philosophy. 

Fire and Gas Consultancy Services

Risk changes over the lifetime of an asset and the design of legacy fire and gas systems may not be adequate to provide sufficient protection for the facility. Our fire and gas design engineers and industry subject matter experts are able to review, assess and provide guidance on how to improve existing fire and gas systems to meet the current regulatory requirements. 


Existing customer F&G system review that will capture gaps if any and then recommendations to close those gaps.

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