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Customer: Aurecon

End User: SEQ Water

Industry: Water Treatment Facility

Location: Queensland, Australia


Toxicity Assesment

Customer required a toxicity assessment for an Ammonia Storage Tank Expansion project, whereby new storage tanks were added to the existing Tank Farm area. An extensive toxicity assessment was conducted using HAZMAP3D, whereby all crucial points such as toxic gas detectors installation location, elevation, ingress \ egress route protection for personal were taken into consideration. The comprehensive report provided the customer with the 3D model and 2D installation layout information, which assisted them with the project.

Customer: Draeger ANZ

End User: Mercury Energy

Industry: Power Generation

Location: North Island, New Zealand

Flame and Gas Assessment 

The customer required Flame and Gas mapping assessment for 3 of its Geothermal Powerstation which included the Ngatamariki, Mokai and Rotokawa. Important customer input documents such as Fire Explosion Analysis were reviewed and appropriate gradings were applied to plant equipment. Extensive mapping assessment was conducted with review of existing detection, gaps identification and recommendations. The first station assessment was conducted using HAZAMAP3D and the emaining two (Mokai \ Rotokawa) were completed using 2D assessment. The customer received a comprehensive mapping assessment report for all three powerstations and we also assisted them in order to close the gaps with regulatory requirements and safety operations.

ngatamariki geothermal power station_2.jpg



agogo_production facility5.png

Customer: Worley ANZ

End User: Santos \ OSL

Industry: Oil and Gas

Location: Agogo Production Facility, PNG

Acoustic Noise Survey and Mapping Assessment

The customer purchased several Acoustic Leak Detectors, but was unsure of the installation location and setpoint settings due to unavailability of ultrasonic noise survey result. We rented out our acoustic mapping tool to the customer in order to complete the onsite Acoustic Noise Mapping activity. We also supported the customer by providing a detailed procedure and phone support. An acoustic mapping assessment was conducted in 2D, cross referencing the 3D model with the ultrasonic noise survey data obtained. Alignment and report presentation sessions with the customer cleared the doubts and provided good guidance for the Ultrasonic Detector installation guideline. The report clearly detailed the installation location, parameter settings and noise classification for areas mapped.


Flame and Gas Assessment for Boiler House

A Flame and Gas mapping assessment using HAZMAP3D was conducted for a congested indoor Boiler House installation. An existing Flame and Gas detector assessment was conducted and a meeting with the customer determined the coverage target that had to be achieved. Due to the congestion, a lot of potential blockage was apparent in the installation. The assessment was successfully completed with the location installation and detector quantities recommended, in order to achieve the coverage target that was at 90%.

fonterra boiler house 2 project pic.jpg

Customer: Rimmer Engineering Ltd

End User: Fonterra

Industry: Dairy Production (Food and Beverage)

Location: New Zealand

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